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Evacuation Drill on Disaster Awareness Day

Evacuation Drill on Disaster Awareness Day
To educate and train the students for an unforeseen emergency like fire or any natural calamity, Govt. College Dhaliara conducted a mock exercise and evacuation Drill on April 4.
Immediately after the sounding of the siren, the students were asked to leave their classes and evacuate the college. Guided by the teachers the students collected in the play ground - the allotted safe zone.
Following all the safety measures, the entire senior and middle wing building was successfully cleared within a span of 3 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.
The drill was organized to check the readiness of the college to face any such emergency during any natural calamity. These mock drills help in meeting the challenges in adverse situations and in coping with the situation during the time of natural and man-made disaster.
All the students gathered in the conference hall and lecture was given by Dr.Pooja and Professor Jagdeep. After that some technical points given by Principal Mam about how to deal with natural calamities. The whole programme was conducted by our CTO Dr.KapiI Sood. At the end of the programme refreshment was given to the students.

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