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Anti Ragging
Accredited 'B' Grade ' - NAAC, Bangalore


General Instructions

  1. It is mandatory for every student to maintain strict discipline within the College campus as well as outside the College.
  2. Any act performed by the student that amounts to indiscipline will be dealt with strictly.
  3. All the students are required to read the notices thoroughly which are displayed exclusively on the College Notice Board every day, and do the needful accordingly.
  4. Teasing girl students in any manner whatsoever is an offence punishable under the law. Hence, students are advised not to indulge in such kind of activities; otherwise they would face strict legal action.
  5. Scribbling/writing anything on the black-board, on furniture and walls etc. is a part of indiscipline.
  6. Removing or causing damage to the furniture or window panes, plucking flowers, removing notices, etc. is also a breach of discipline.
  7. The following acts also tantamount to indiscipline: holding any meeting/function/party and photography in the premises of the College without prior permission of the Principal.
  8. Students should not tamper with the electrical fittings, water fittings etc. in the class-rooms, hostel and in the College campus.
  9. Using foul language with any student, teacher or any other employee of the College shall be viewed seriously.
  10. The use of cell phone is strictly prohibited inside the classrooms and any breach of conduct will result in the confiscation of the cell phone.

Leave Rules

  1. Application for any kind of leave on the prescribed proforma should be submitted well in time.
  2. Leave up to three days will be sanctioned by the tutor. But in case of a leave for a single period the concerned teacher may be requested.
  3. Leave above three days up to six days will be sanctioned by the senior tutor. Leave for more than 6 days will be sanctioned by the HOD on the recommendation of concerned subject teacher/ senior tutor.
  4. In case of a medical leave for a period of over 6 days, the applicant must produce a medical certificate.
  5. The students can seek re-admission twice during the session. First re-admission will be allowed within three days after the name is struck off after paying a fine of `100/- and a fine of ` 200/- will be charged for the second re-admission within 10 days after the name is struck off from the rolls.

Identity Card

  1. Identity card is the most important document of the college student, because it is the only identification for anyone to establish that one is a student of the college.
  2. Any transaction between students and college is entertained only after production of Identity card. If a student has to deal with any kind of work related to examination, library, collection/inspection of documents, and one has to produce one’s Identity card in order to establish one’s identity.
  3. Students are not permitted to replace the photograph pasted on the Identity card for any reason whatsoever.
  4. If Identity card is lost, one has to file an F.I.R. in order to get a duplicate Identity card issued.
  5. In event of inspection of Identity card during surprise check or for any other reason, if the student is unable to produce the Identity card he/she will be handed over to the police or as the situation may demand. Students without Identity card are deemed as outsiders.
  6. In case, the Identity card gets misplaced, misused by anti-social elements the student concerned shall be held responsible for his/her deeds. It is the personal responsibility of the student to keep his/her identity card in safe custody.
  7. All the students are directed to collect their identity cards and complete the formalities related to their identity cards within one week of admission.

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